Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cloth Diaper Trial, Day 8

Much less expensive than Berit's nightly Pull-Ups.
Much less expensive than Marta's diapers.
Natural, soft cotton on the bum. No chemicals.
EASY to wash and care for.
You know, the environment.
Adorable when worn alone.
The kids love picking colors.

Berit wakes up with cold, wet, clammy skin.
Berit's cold, wet, clammy skin makes her wake up much earlier than usual.
Much bulkier than disposables.
Much hotter than disposables.
When the #2 isn't entirely solid, it's just plain gross.
Marta will potty train within a year's time, I predict.
Will still need disposables at night. (I just can't get on board with a cloth dipe that makes me get up earlier and makes my kids cranky.)

Current verdict: Like them, maybe? Maybe want a handful...? Probably not worth buying a handful...? Should probably commit to it as a lifestyle and not just as an occasional thing...? Tired of changing runny poops in public and rolling them up to take home. Kind of embarrassed to send them back...?

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