Friday, May 22, 2009

"Yap. Marta, sit Mama's yap."

Any parent of more than one child knows what it's like to love them equally, yet differently. The love for both of my kiddos is unending, overflowing, both overwhelming and constantly growing. I remember when I was pregnant for Marta, wishing that God would deliver to me a clone of Berit, because she was so unique and perfect. And Marta, she's a completely different child than Berit in nearly every way, but she's also so unique and perfect. 

I always say that the stage the kids are currently in is my favorite, partly because it's hard for me to remember anything prior to TODAY, but mostly because I enjoy the things we're able to do as they get older, and the things they come up with in their ever-expanding minds.

But truly, I can't imagine Marta making me smile more than she does lately. She's 17 months old, and she is joy personified. She speaks full sentences, sings songs, takes risks and makes us laugh constantly. She's full of cuddles, dares and clever ideas. I am bowled over by my enjoyment of her at this stage. I am also always certain that she is a genius. 

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