Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day In Town Is A Good Day For All (Minus Trevor)

While our house sits ever on the unmoving market, I decided to pretend we live in town already and spend the whole day there. We left right after Marta's morning nap and met Trevor at the college for a picnic. Then I loaded Marta into the double stroller with Everything Under The Sun to entertain her and walked down to the park, to meet Trevor, who had driven there with Berit. We first stopped at Bearcub Outfitters to pick up one of those blankets that everyone already has with the waterproof underside and the soft topside for picnics in the park. The store was slow and the ladies put out the various stuffed dogs so Marta could run up and down the line of them, saying, "Come here, doggie! Lay down, doggie!" and petting them, hugging them, and generally making me want to buy them all for her. 

We played at the park, where we met our friends, Emily, Sage and Sienna, then headed back up the very steep hill to the college to get the car. Nearly horizontal pushing the stroller, the girls and I played "I Spy" and I secretly listened to my audiobook. I kept thinking to myself how successful the morning and afternoon had gone; how soon we'd be at the college with a healthy lunch, two very long walks and lots of playtime behind us, and a new park blanket and spring jacket for Marta to boot. And. Then. It. Hit. Me. I had sent my fleece with Trevor, since with the addition of Berit in the stroller there was less room to carry stuff. Trevor was hard at work on the lake. And the key to the car was snug in my fleece's pocket. 

The icing on the cake? My phone was at home. I felt ridiculous for thinking I could pull the day off without a hitch, but you know what? It wasn't so bad. The college had free public phones (Hello -- in the age of cell phones, who does this? How cool is that?) and I was able to reach Trevor (not always possible when he's on the lake). The college bookstore was open and I bought the girls a much-desired bag of M&Ms. They chose colors one at a time, and by the end of the bag Marta had figured out which ones were "ello" and "boo." We had a quick potty break in the clean bathrooms (thank you college, again), and Trevor was there, key in hand (back in town for the second time, and even though I'm sure he would have rather stayed with us all day, he really had plenty of work to keep him on Walloon. Points for Trevor for having such a good attitude about running my key back).

We made it home and now Marta's taking a nap before we head out again for groceries and a prepared dinner (no time to cook today; too much fun is being had). Trevor's going to go biking this evening and I'm going to give the house a good scrubbing (and looking forward to possibly biking myself tomorrow night).

So there, housing market.  

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