Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Better Place To Be

First things first: Can someone tell me where I can get Adam Lambert's mascara?

We started the day with cold and rain, and I squelched my idea of a bike ride tonight (even solo wouldn't be that much fun in the rain). Berit bounced off to preschool and Marta and I hit the road for the grocery store where she had a chocolate milk instead of riding in the car (germ-covered-filthy-plastic-piece-of-molded-fecal-matter-that-children-must-lick) cart. 

We walked around downtown a little then picked B up from preschool. It turned into one of those long, drawn out days that are reminiscent of winter when we're stuck in the house. I wasn't having it, so when Marta woke up I gave the girls a piece of bread for a snack (I know, but seriously, my car can't take any more individual pieces of anything, no matter how healthy they are) and took them downtown again, just to Be.

We bought Berit a new pair of shoes, and it's so funny to see her running around in them, because we've finally crossed into "Big Kid" sizes with her size eights and they're real shoes, not cutesy versions of real shoes. 

The kids ran around in the big, grassy parks downtown and we pretended to be a carousel in the gazebo until we were all dizzy. We came home, grilled burgers and I went for a surprisingly good run (I had a few cookies in lieu of lunch today). We bathed the girls, and in their polka-dotted jammies we all went for a walk before bed. There's still the house to clean up, but American Idol first, then more all-American, wholesome spring life. 

Oh -- Oh oh oh. Adam's pants are blinding me. Think pure thoughts. This is a respectable house.

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