Monday, May 4, 2009

From The Mouth of B

This morning, in her effort to be as slow as humanly possible during the get-out-the-door process, Berit was using a baby wipe to "wash" her legs and feet. I stopped bustling around to listen in on what she was saying, because I thought I heard a couple of interesting words being used to refer to her feet.

Slowly wiping the cloth up the inside slope of her foot, Berit gets to her ankle bone and says, "Now I'm going to wash my nipple."  


I say, "Berit, that's not your nipple. That's your ankle."

"OK Mom. But now I'm going to wash my tits."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah. Your tits are right here (points to the soles of her feet)."

Hm. I say, "Berit, those are called the soles of your feet."

And she says, "Mom, why do we need soles? Because I don't need soul to have tits."

(To set the record straight for any grandmas whose chins are on the floor, we do not refer to breasts as tits in our household. She just made it up. Unless she learned it at your house, and in that case, please do give us a call.)


camtaysmom said...

tears, lisa. seriously, tears are streaming down my face. thanks for the laughs, berit!

Liza said...

hysterical! I too, have tears streaming down my face. Just to share in the funness of what comes out of these babes mouthes: Carter is into rhyming...he conviently rhymes a particular word that goes well with lucker, tucker, sucker *ucker in VERY public places, church, and in front of our sweet daycare. STILL he has NO clue that this is inappropriate. SHEEZZ! As goes with the body parts...the boys discover themselves SOOOO much faster and in light of that we have endless convesations about...again..APPROPRIATEness! Enjoy. Thanks for sharing!