Monday, September 22, 2008

We Stayed Home All Day and Liked It

A few weeks ago Trevor asked me if the movies we allow Berit to watch teach her anything. I said no, if anything they drive home the lessons I teach her during our days. Annoyingly snobbish, I know. But don't worry, I've been getting kicked in the bottom ("Daddy calls it a BUTT, Mom") by that statement ever since I said it. Two minutes after saying that Berit learns everything she needs and wants from my wonder-mom self, Berit began spouting off different lessons, values, songs, jokes and general dialogue from every movie she's ever seen:
"I talk about my feelings when I'm sad."
"Books are fun. Books are great. Let's sit down and read a book today."
"We take turns when we play with toys 'cause that's what's right for girls and boys."

Etc., etc. I'll let you figure out where those lines come from, by the way.

My favorite by far are the ones she quotes from her VeggieTales movie. "I AM NO ORDINARY TOMATO!" Followed immediately by, "That was weird." I could go on and on, but I'm aware this isn't as entertaining to you as it is to me. Here's my point. She walked around all day saying: "I hate to be a father." Huh? And then it occurred to me that Bob the Tomato is approached while waiting for a bus by another vegetable who says, "I hate to be a bother, but do you have change?" So the next time she said, "I hate to be a father," I said, "but do you have change?" Click. I'd figured it out. But I didn't tell Trevor, because I want to see his reaction when she says it to him, and also discover if he can recite her entire movie collection word for word in his head in the 10 seconds after it leaves her mouth to understand what she really said. I'm betting he can. 

We didn't leave the house today (well, I did for a glorious two hours this morning for an orthodontic appointment, and let me tell you it made my day to have a bona fide personal errand to run -- and to go to a medical office and not be told I'm pregnant/be examined because I am pregnant/be delivering a baby) and the hours managed to go by in a relatively speedy fashion. A few pics from our low-key day...

Berit has named this baby Sausalito. We call her Saucy for short.

This flute/recorder thing is annoying but useful when trying to distract a squirmy baby.

Aforementioned squirmy baby who was going crazy on this juggling ball. Might she finally be getting teeth?

OK, I asked her to do this. But she's turning into such a great big sis, it wouldn't be crazy to catch it happening.

The very second I took this picture Berit popped Marta's head too hard, Marta cried and tried to crawl away but she can't crawl yet, so she face-flopped on the floor and needed actual nursing to calm her down. But we'll always look back at it and say, "Aw, aren't they cute playing together?"

This was one of those days when I said, "I'll really make an effort to stay on top of cleaning the house today." And I did. And this is what it looked like. (Still looks like, until I stop typing and finally clean.)

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