Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Orchard, and Other Fun

Berit and best bud Liam

Tom's Mom's Cookies, the best on earth.

We have this very same picture of Berit doing this when she was this age. Awesome!

Liam's little brother Brennan, who's three days younger than Marta.


Eating donuts among the apple trees. (And off the ground.)

No time to smile. Must eat.

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Liza said...

Your girls are so beautiful and I feel like I could reach right into these pictures and kiss them up! What great fun it looks like you are having. I can hardly believe that Marta is only 3 months older than Christian. We need to get them together. I just love your stories. Even though we are miles apart, we fight the same battles as moms: to nap or not to nap?, the guilt of the occasional fast food, pooping problems, precocious little blondies, and adorable babes. Glad things are going well with you. You are so good at blogging. Thanks for inspiring me. I really should clean my house more or sleep more but this is fun too! Stay connected!