Wednesday, September 3, 2008


After our 90-degree day yesterday, we were both a little sad and a little happy to wake up to a chilly morning. I dressed the girls in pants and we played make-believe inside, because the 60-degree chill was too much for us outdoors. When the sun came out, we went downtown, where we got new, fall shoes and light fall jackets for the girls. Back at home, we watched the bus drop kids off on our street after their first day back to school. I grilled chicken barefoot for probably the last time and we decided that we'll have sweet corn at dinner every night until it's gone. We took our family walk wearing sweatshirts and watched our neighbor plant gold, rust and burgundy mums. The air was crisp so the leaves on the path between our houses crackled when we walked over them, and it smelled like high school football games. Both girls had red noses when we got home, and Trevor and Berit are currently busy washing the truck before it gets too cold to do it by hand anymore. 

Marta is asleep, wearing footed fleece pajamas, and I didn't need to close the curtains in her bedroom to make it dark, because the sun set a half-hour ago.

I love fall, but summer left us overnight, and we already miss it.

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A full house... said...

First day was good, thanks! They were tired. Bedtime was 7:30 last night. Delightful! Fall sure did hit us fast but I have to admit I am ready for it this year.