Tuesday, September 2, 2008

1. Go Jump In The Lake

We still have a list of things we want to do with the girls before summer is over, and as it's September 1, we thought we should get started on it. Number one was hit the beach, and today was the perfect 90 degree day for it. Trevor came home from work a smidge early and we ran over to Camp Petosega, which is three minutes away, clean, warm and, for the most part, private. Marta dives into the water without a thought, and Berit takes a little warming up, but soon we were all swimming like fish. Marta splashes like crazy and loves getting water in her face -- if you look closely at her pictures, she's all wet. Berit had a bit of a whinefest going on, but she met another 2 1/2-year-old girl and they played "Alligator" (other girl running in the waist-deep water, Berit holding tight to her floatie) and soon she was happy as a clam. Pun, pun, pun.

Both of our girls also loved digging in the sand (and occasionally eating it, in Marta's case) and basking in the warm sunshine. After swimming, we headed over to the beach's park, where Berit climbed, hung (surprise) and went down the slide (actual surprise), and never, ever wanted to leave. "Oh my gosh," she said, pleased that she made it down the bars. 

Trevor held Marta and with his new buzz cut, I had to snap a pic of them, because they look like twins. :)

The rest of our list will, hopefully, be fulfilled within the next few weeks. As we were driving home trying to lull Berit to sleep, Trevor said, "Can you believe that soon those trees will be covered in snow?" After the awesome summer we've had, no, I can't believe it. So I plan to take the rest of this warm weather slowly, like we did today: Watered the flowers together, turned the sprinkler on (wanted to go under the sprinkler, then absolutely did NOT want to be under the sprinkler), did sidewalk chalk, rode the trike, swung, ate delicious in-season produce ("Oh Mommy, this is so YUMMY!"), hung in the driveway with neighbors and of course, the beach. And with a few shopping trips thrown in for fall clothing, we should feel pretty ready when those leaves start hitting the ground. 

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