Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Because I'm such a reader myself, I had assumed that Berit would be one, too. And she does love books -- most nights not going to sleep until she's had time to read a stack on her own, after the ones we read together. But I never saw a spark for it, or, let's just be honest, an advanced level of comprehension or ability. Yes, I expected it. She was my first -- I also expected her to wean herself, eat baby food from jars and sleep with predictability.

But tonight, while sitting up in bed reading her stack, she called me. I went in and she pointed to every letter of every word, whether uppercase (which they go over but don't really push in preschool) and lowercase (which they don't do at all), then told me what they spelled. I know she memorized the words, but still. Still. She was so proud of herself, and can't wait to take the book to school and show her teacher.

For the record, the book is Ariel's Friends. Groundbreaking, no. Heart melting, yes.

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