Thursday, May 13, 2010

Findings From Division Street

In the basement:
There's a square about the same size as the kitchen above it -- roughly 10x10 -- made from two outside walls and two 6-foot walls of stone and concrete. It was used as a cistern, with several pipes coming in from the eaves of the house, and a water level line all around, so we know it was well-used.

Confirmation from a woman who worked for the family that:
There was an elevator
The owner enjoyed pound cake (helpful)
The lady of the house died there

The ramp out front, a few doors down, was part of a rail system to take luggage from the trains at the station up the hills to the homes.

Behind a shelf in the master bedroom closet:
Flat cardboard butter packaging, with "Margaret Christopher, New York" written in cursive on the blank side
Petoskey State Bank deposit slips
A bridge score card, with an advertisement for "premium drinking water" in cans that look like beer on it.

The house used to be very dark greenish-brown.

New news:
Windows were delivered today.
The great color debate rages on.

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