Thursday, July 30, 2009

Status Update

Date: Thursday, July 30

Forecast: High of 69.

Dresser drawers: Full of girls' shorts that have never been worn.

Front closet: Empty of winter coats only because we have an open house this weekend; otherwise, they have been used from time to time this summer and haven't warranted putting in storage.

Toy Fairy: Have been informed that Trevor indeed created the Toy Fairy, and I am off the hook.

Additional Scare Tactics Introduced Within The Past 24 Hours: Strangers. Berit and I had the talk about strangers -- a gentle, 3-year-old appropriate talk -- and she occasionally dissolves into tears and won't leave my side since, afraid of strangers.

Continued Interest In The Sound of Music: We had to act the "So Long, Farewell" scene, with Berit playing Gretel and Trevor playing Liesl, last night on the way to bed. After, of course, we watched Berit give a production of the songs and choreography of all major songs in the movie.

Selling Of House: Open house this weekend, 2-5. You know you want to come see its cuteness and current clean factor! Closets! Drawers! Cabinets! Spices lined in rows!

Funny Thing Said At Park Yesterday: Little boy: "I'm four, and I'm going to kindergarten soon." Berit: "I poop all the time, so I'm going to kindergarten, too."

Go, Diego, Go!: Ending. Must return to parenting.

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Anonymous said...

Cute entry! Good luck at your open house. Keep fingers crossed for nice weather...we are headed to Mackinac Island!