Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Fourth Worthy Of Fireworks, But Different

A few days ago I meant to mention that my blog has had its first birthday, but completely forgot because of the high activity levels of the two creatures for whom I write said blog. So I'm saying now, Happy Birthday to Blog! In all my spare time I'm putting together a BookSmart book of the blog, so my kids will have a written record of their lives, and just in case something technical happens to the blog and I don't have access to it in, say, the 30 years it'll take them to actually care about it and look it up.

So just now, when I sat down to indulge in a little Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt (totally worth it, so very delicious), I decided to check back into my blog's history by reading the first few entries, coincidentally about the Fourth of July. Which is, you might realize, today.

We did a million fun, family centered things that involved sweets, multiple parades, beach romping and party-going. We skipped the very late, very loud fireworks and made sure to be at every other event in the hot, sticky weather.

Today was completely different. We took the girls to Harbor Springs in the morning, but just as we arrived Marta announced that she needed a nap, and do you remember, Mom, that I don't sleep in the stroller like I did last year? So she and I headed home while Trevor and Berit met up with the family and watched the parade. Afterward, Trevor brought a sleeping Berit home and I ran up to Lowe's for flowers, then Trevor and B left for a family dinner while I put Marta to bed. Later tonight, Trevor's taking Berit to see the fireworks -- her first that she'll ever remember, probably (why don't I know this?) her first ever, period. I wish I could see her face! I hate missing moments like these.

The pictures that were posted last year were of the girls playing, looking not unlike they do now. In fact, Marta is wearing the same clothes this summer that she did last summer, having grown up and not out, and having started out life a bit on the plump side. Maybe I would think she had grown more if her hair had come in, but it's still babyish, with little curls at the nape of her neck, as she becomes a kid, bit by bit.

And so this blog, a year later, is more about reflection and relaxation, rather than frenzied fun, and the startling -- very startling -- realization that my children have not changed very much in the past year. They can say a few more things, can jump a little higher, are taller. But I had thought they would be so different, and as I look around, very little really is. Life IS easier these days, and even I don't feel so frantic to be part of every last thing. Still missing moments with Berit, however, but now I'm able to create my own, as Marta is big enough to be without us. Am I happy about these non-changes? I think yes, very much. Because while they haven't suddenly shot up like weeds, and they haven't made life changes, they've gotten more fun, and I think I have, too.

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