Friday, July 10, 2009

Marta Speaks

Regular running commentary in our house, from Marta:

"Hi backpack. What'cha doin' backpack? Nothin' backpack." (She does this with anything and everything, from food to laundry.)

"(Where) Are you, Berit? Wove you, Berit."

"Hooos 'hat?" "Hi Adams."

Recent adorables:

"Marta dig, blue shovel. Daddy dig wit' da green shovel."

"Mama, sing a song. Sing da fishy song.... Stop! Sing da octopus song.... Stop! Sing da Baby Beluga song."

Me, leaving her room: "Goodnight, Marta. I love you."
Marta: "Night, Mama. Wove you."

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