Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not A Bad Balance

  • I just found several bars of white baking chocolate in my cupboard. 
  • Marta no longer nurses during the daytime, nor at bedtime.
  • To her extreme delight, Marta and I listened to the song "Hot Potato" and only "Hot Potato" during our entire ride to K-Mart and the entire ride home from K-Mart. She cracked up.
  • Though embedded in the warmth of the wood on our deck and therefore not entirely accurate, our thermometer reads 70 degrees. I'm going with it.
  • Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the park and Berit could not stop thanking me for it.
  • We enrolled Berit in 3-day preschool for the fall. 
  • I stand to make a million zillion dollars at the upcoming Moms To Moms Sale, based on the status of our basement clean-out project.
  • I had Subway for lunch. I miss Subway.
  • We're taking the girls to Traverse City this Saturday, to play in the huge park, ride the carousel, and buy Marta a new crib. Also, to stock up on magically delicious Target wines.

  • Never in my life have I been stuck behind a funeral procession, and I've been behind two in the past two days. If a third happens tomorrow, should I take it as a sign? Of what?
  • Berit's class pet, Rosebud the guinea pig, needs a home. I'm tempted, yet something tells me it'd be ridiculous. (As in, "It's a guinea pig. That's ridiculous.")

  • Marta is still waking up through the night, and Trevor leaves next week for turkey camp.
  • I just found several bars of white baking chocolate in my cupboard.

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