Thursday, April 2, 2009

Boo Boo Boobies?

What do you think?

Will my 15-month-old fall for it if I put Band-Aids on my nips and tell her I have boo-boos, therefore she can't nurse?

Because 15 months is still pretty baby-ish; not quite understanding other lies like "The milk is all gone; we need to go to the store," or "Nurse go night-night," or "Mama needs to be done with the nursing immediately so she can go to Target in Traverse City and not worry about whether you'll fall asleep for your Dad." 

OK, maybe that last one wasn't a lie.

But because Berit is into Dora the Explorer Band-Aids as playthings, Marta is, too. 

But will she buy it on the boobs? What do you think?


Teri Marsman said...

wow. that is very creative. it may work or you could say they are broken. that's what i say when the batteries run out of noisy toys and i don't want to replace them. my kids seem to just accept that.

Candace said...

How did the naps go during your trip to Target? I was going to ask how Target was, but DUH... it was awesome! Target Rocks!