Monday, April 6, 2009

Does The Status Of My Stuff Represent The Future Of My Womb?

In a few weeks my community is putting on a Moms To Moms Sale. People can buy space in which to sell anything parenting-related. The seller keeps the profit, the organization holding the sale keeps the small entrance fee paid by other moms eager to shop in a room full of kid stuff from dozens of different parents. 

I bought two spaces.

Yes, we have an excess of kid stuff because we have very generous grandparents and now we own THREE booster seats, TWO tunnels, A THOUSAND baby dolls, THREE babydoll strollers, etc. etc.

I've been going through my house in square-feet: The front closet, the entryway table, the coffee table, the end table, the built-ins, the armoire, the kitchen, the back closet -- literally every available spot in our house has something child-related that needs to be considered for sale.

Some things are easy -- the aforementioned stroller trifecta, for example. Other things, not so much. My Pack 'n' Play, the one with the vibration, mobile, sound, changing table and extra (padded) sheets. We've only used it three, maybe four times. Do I sell it? What if I need it someday? Will I not need it because we use the co-sleeper for our next baby, like we did with Marta, or will I not need it because there won't be another baby?

The used-constantly Baby Bjorn. I'd love to buy a new one with back support and breathable mesh. But will our next baby be the last baby, and a new one would be a waste of money when we've got a perfectly capable one right here? Will I regret not selling it, because no third baby comes along to use it?

I'm deferring to a glass of wine tonight. With the sounds of "Daddy-come-and-check-me-Daddy-come-and-check-me-Daddy-come-and-check-me" and gurgly screaming/coughing coming from Berit and Marta's monitors, respectively, I think that my major-decision making skills are not quite as objective as they could be.

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Lori said...

Hey, when is the pre-sale for your friends???