Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Goodnight, Chicken
by Berit

Good night, little chipmunk chicken
I hope your dreams are very beautiful
full of faries, princesses, and Sound of Music girls
and full of Sound of Music boys.
When you wake up in the morning
you'll yawn and stretch and sometimes you'll gasp and fall back on your tush
and say, "Good Morning!"
and when you eat breakfast in the morning
you'll eat the juice from grapes cut in half
and tomatoes, raspberries and macaroni and pretzels made out of unicorn horns.
Then after you wake up, you like to play firefighter
and drink orange juice.

Goodnight, Chirp
by Marta

Go to sleep, Chirp
I hope your dreams are full of My Little Pony Snowflake movie, Dora and Boots, and Swiper (and Diego)
And when you wake up, you'll yawn and stretch
and you will say, "Good Morning!"
For breakfast you'll have macaroni and pretzels and orange juice to drink.
Goodnight, Chirp!

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