Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In Brief

For many months, Marta has named everything "Turner," until recently, when she's started naming things "Sparklewishes" or "Sparkle." I wonder if this comes from her own persuasion or from big sister, who constantly refers to living creatures with names like "Dreamy Dancer" or "Firework Flower Blossom."

Our move-in date is now Nov. 20. Is someone giving up deer hunting to work on the house? YOU BET HE IS.

I've recently started letting the girls read in bed before going to sleep. I creep in later to turn out the lights and put the books away. They do a great job of reading, then responsibly sleeping, and there seems to be less fuss about bedtime. I think they're probably too little to do this, but then again, can I even remember when I started reading under the covers with a flashlight?

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Liza said...

We do the same things...letting the kids "read to sleep". I admit, it is one of my favorite things in life, to come in check on them and gather up all the books they've enjoyed. We now have to tell Elle to put her (chapter) books away and GET to SLEEP! I love that! What no pics of the race?? Do I need to beg?