Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sugar Buzz

On Easter morning the girls found their baskets in good time and, thankfully, asked to be read their new books before discovering the candy. But once they did... we didn't even go bananas on the candy, but I don't believe there were many moments on Sunday without candy being chewed. Church. Yes, church, but that's where they ran it off, so it doesn't count. We let them have at it, the only day of their entire lives when they could make their own call on candy consumption. They didn't hold back.

Marta was absolutely delighted by this little stuffed bunny she received, which makes a funny chirping sound when you squeeze its belly. She quickly took over Berit's, too.

I dare you to find one photo of Easter Sunday where Berit's not eating candy.

First Peep ever.

OK, only photo with Berit not eating candy. It's also the only photo that comes close to an Easter dress picture (poor Marta, didn't even make this one), and we only took it because my mom's been asking to see Berit in this coat.

Egg hunt in the backyard. She's starting to get the hang of it.

Those fairy sleeves kind of make it hard to gather eggs, but she did a fair job.

Spaced. Out.

Just look at her eyes. The sugar has taken over.

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