Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marta Speaks

Instead of yes: "Shhhhoooooore!"
And: "Yup-yup."

She has also begun increasing her compliments:
"I LOVE your ears."
"I LOVE your hair."
"I LOVE your whiskers, Daddy."

She started doing this a long time ago to obvious things, like people's scarves and earrings. Now she's simplifying, I guess.

In the car yesterday, on the way to pick Berit up from school:
Marta: "I want my Daddy."
Me: "Daddy's at work, but he'll be home soon."
Marta: "Daddy's SO CUTE! Daddy is my cutie-pie."
Me: "And what's Mama?"
Marta: "Mama is my BEST FRIEND."

1 comment:

Aleta Daniels said...

Love this! "I LOVE him Aleta, I LOVE that guy blowing leaves" (In response to me pointing out a guy blowing leaves around the neighbor's house)