Sunday, October 25, 2009

Duly Noted:

Berit and Marta have been playing this game they made up entirely on their own for a couple of weeks now. Berit grabs either her or Marta's blankie, hands Marta one end and then pulls her around and around the circle that runs through our kitchen, entryway and living room. They sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb," and that's the name of the game, too. They. Crack. Up.

Berit has also been doing this clever little trick that I feel she learned from my mom, but I'll have no confirmation on this because my MOM DOESN'T READ MY BLOG. (Yes, I could just ask but it suits me better to point this out in public.) When she wants to surprise us (as in, every 20 minutes or less), she says, "OK, think about halloween." (Or dinner, or outside, or the dog, or whatever she comes up with.) She's DISTRACTING US while also giving us something to pass our time while waiting for her. It's very Mike Myers/Coffee Talk: "I'm going to eat this cheesecake; I'll give you a subject: ladybugs and their fondness for lightbulb swarming during house showings. Discuss."

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