Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sugar and Spice

Berit has recently decided that life may be more fun if she sees her sister as a friend and playmate rather than a nuisance and parent-stealer. Which makes my own life not only simpler, but so much sweeter, as they do adorable things together and are sort of lost without one another. The photo to the left is of them seriously working on a sticker book (and their jammies) together. Every evening, Marta finds one of her blankies, finds Berit and Berit takes one end and pulls her around the house. They crack up.

Also fun from Berit lately: Last night she was singing in her sleep, "Queen Queen Caroline, washed her hair in turpentine, the turpentine made it shine, Queen Queen Caroline." Not awake, not in the least.

This morning, when she woke us up by climbing into our bed she said, "I'm going to wear a beautymite dress!" Which is her adaption/interpretation of the Wiggles' frequent comment, "Beauty, mate!"

She's been telling variations on the following story, which I just had her tell me and I wrote word for word (this morning at school she told it and included fairies):

"Once upon a time, there was a little bear and a little mouse and they were going to Mimi's house and then they were going to climb up on the couch and then they were going to fall down, the bear was going to fall down. And THEN they got there and they goed in and then the bear fell down and then the bear broke his arm. Then they had to go home and tie it with a bow. And then they needed to tape it. The end."

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