Monday, August 31, 2009

Reason #387 To Get A New Phone

The girls each have a new long-sleeved t-shirt with doughnuts on it, and they love wearing them. Until recently it's been a little warm for the shirts, but at 40 degrees this morning, the warmth was a must. Might as well be cute, too.

The appliques on the shirts inspired the girls to launch pleas for actual, edible doughnuts, so off we went to Johan's Bakery.

They each chose a pastry -- chocolate frosting with sprinkles for Berit and jelly-filled with white icing for Marta (she typically picks whatever Berit does, so it was fun to watch her decide to be independent) -- and we sat down at one of the tables to enjoy the treats.

I have a really old phone. I use 30 minutes a month. But I really, really wished just then that I had a fancy camera phone, because Marta was the cutest doughnut eater in the history of the world. Really. She insisted on sitting on a chair without a booster, and the table came up to her nose. She had her huge doughnut on a tiny plate on the edge of the table, and was tipping it towards her so she was eating the frosting off the top and getting it all over her face. She was doing her best to open her mouth wide enough to fit the whole doughnut in at once. It was adorable, even if it sounds sort of typical and mundane here. If I only had a picture...

The lady behind the counter called out to her, "How's your doughnut?" and she said, into her frosting, "mrphGOOD!yumyumyum." And Berit shouted, "OH MY GOSH this is SO DELICIOUS!"

They really should have been in a doughnut commercial. I'm probably not biased. Even if it sounds like it here. Then again, this entire blog is dedicated to them and their lives, so...

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