Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Brief, and In Photos

I like to think that we've been "happily busy" lately. Yes, we've been swamped with work and our To Do list, but I think we've fit in a handful of extra fun days, too.

Be sure to catch the Northern Michigan hit show, Tank Tops On Ice

Yes, she's wearing exactly what you think she's wearing.

Trevor and I embraced the chance to spend a weekend sans kids at Andrea and Nick's house, and while in Holland we visited local breweries (and made the guys "reluctantly" play board games).

On St. Patrick's Day, a leprechaun visited while the girls were out and left green footprints all over the house.

Also, clues...

... that lead upstairs...

... into bedrooms...

... and to a treat!

Later that same day...

And look at this, I don't know how to make these pictures go with their friends above, but here is more of the park.

A bit of attitude...

A very first original recipe, of which she was very proud.

"Cheddar Bunnies and ranch, then dip."
 Coloring Easter eggs...

Baskets! He came! He left a trail of bunny-shaped marshmallows wherever he went (even down the playroom slide, ahh!)!

Testing the new Slinky on the back stair, because the steps are so steep (and munching jelly beans, naturally).

The lone Easter service goers...

... because someone was sick.

"Oh hi Aunt Andrea!"

"Eh, I'm just eating Cocoa Wheats for dinner. Totally nutritious meal."

"What makes you think we're so much alike, anyway? Maybe it's the way I eat chocolate-based foods while I talk on the phone to you?"

"Haha, everything you say is the best thing I've ever heard. You're so cool and funny and you look like a princess."


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