Monday, June 7, 2010

Berit Just Fell Off A Chair. I Only Have A Minute.


That's the buzz word here; the reason we're in and out; the reason I haven't blogged or managed to even post a status update on FB every single day, can you imagine?

We left the Lake House just under two weeks ago, in yet another move that left me wondering why we have so many THINGS and who in the world needs so many toys/clothes/coats/barrettes?

We moved in with Trevor's parents, who are kindly hosting us while we remodel the Division St. house. There's little to no internet connection or cell phone coverage here, so I've not blogged or been online much at all.

We're grateful of course to be here, and I have helpful, kind in-laws. But even in my own house I'm a loner, so living in someone else's has made me antsy and of course I have a constant upset stomach because that's how I work out my stress. Deep breathing, bah. 

So when guests came to stay for a long weekend at my in-laws' we decided to head downstate to my sister's house in Holland. Oh! We love being there. My kids can't understand why we have to leave at all. But it's still more suitcases and sharing rooms and down at 9:30 and up at 6:30 and even the zoo and parks and fabulous shopping and eating gets too expensive at some point (rather quickly, when you've got a home remodel going on), so we're back in Petoskey. Just in time for concerts in the park, the farmers market and our summer activities. Berit's enrolled in highland dance and yoga and we're hoping Kindermusik starts for Marta. We're looking forward to organized nature walks and swimming and playdates and school parks that are open to us all day long. 

So these days I'm pulling Marta off of life-threatening positions in someone else's home, constantly trying to keep things clean (OMG) and not get in the way. We're out, we're in, and I'm very rarely here. It's a blip in our lives, one I hope will be strong and positive and the road to somewhere important. 

If I had two brain cells to combine I'd write about Marta's CONSTANTCONSTANTCONSTANT jabbering and bruises head to toe, Berit's wondering exactly how babies get out of bellies and in this particular moment, Marta is climbing up my body, trying to tickle me, banging her chin over and over on the table, is telling me she needs a treat and that she loves me. All at the same time. Nope, not exaggerating. 

Soon I'll post pictures of our recent adventures and tell you about the things the girls say when they're sharing a room at my sister's house and are supposed to be sleeping. But right now Marta's running away, intent on getting into the pantry and climbing to the top of the shelves. So off I go, on another flighty adventure where I'm using less brain power and more adrenaline and all my energy is in saving a 2-year-old from major disaster and cleaning up in her wake.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the pics...isn't life at this stage such a blurr! Glad to here you have made it from one thing to the next.