Thursday, February 26, 2009

Talky Miss Clever

I know it's really annoying to hear a mom bragging and bragging about their kid's latest achievements. But I couldn't help posting tonight about Marta, who has discovered possession. It's not just that she walks around the house holding up her cup or a bracelet or the coveted Map from Dora the Explorer and screeching "Mine! Mine!" Now, instead of pointing to Berit's milk and saying "Bee-beet" (Berit) or "milk," she says "Bee-beet's." No, it's not some fluke where she said it once and now I think my kid's a genius. I've been testing her for the past week and it's true, she even does it for "Daddy's," "Mommy's," "Mimi's" and "baby's."

She's just been thriving lately in language and it is so fun! I love hearing her tell people about her "tent," "bike," "book," "backpack," "gate," or any other word she randomly knows. I also really like that I can explain things to her, to an extent, and she gets it. She has also started taking multiple directions, like "Go to your chair and get your book." 

I'm noting these things because I was wondering when it was that Berit did them, and I wasn't blogging then and wasn't a very good scrapbooker (pregnant-and-puking as I was), so I have no record. If we do have another child, I'll be able to look back and remember Marta's cleverness and compare my third baby's abilities with her, and love that baby accordingly. Kidding! Just a little joke for those of you who still care enough about all of this to have stuck with me. :)

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