Friday, February 27, 2009

Playdate With History

My friend Kallie just left our house after our children had a playdate together. Way back when Trevor and I were first married, Kallie and her husband, Michael, were some of our first "couple" friends. They had two dogs, and we gathered enough so that we became interested in having a dog like theirs, and we ended up with Mosey (totally unlike their dogs, but they were our inspiration). Kallie was newly pregnant when we met, and after their baby, Hope, was born, we would babysit her every now and then. And today, while Berit and I were waving goodbye to our friends (new friends, since Berit and Hope have never really known each other or played together -- more on this later), it struck me that I was babysitting Hope when I found out I was pregnant for Berit. 

Since then life has gotten hectic. Mike and Kallie are both chiropractors who have a busy office, both of our families have two girls now, and Mike and Kallie have a whole horsefarm/home renovation happening. We never, ever get together anymore, and today was such a breath of fresh air as Kallie and I picked up as if no time had passed. I think we're old friends who have history, and we'll never lose that connection. I remember when they called us just an hour after Hope had been born, and I knew our lives had changed because someone had had a baby, and in a way she belonged to all of us as our first child in the little group we had formed. And here she was today, nearly a lady at four years old, so polite and sweet, and completely fast friends with Berit, who said, "I love my new best friend Hope." 

Oh, if only we could go back four-and-a-half years and tell our younger selves about our lives now. I'm sure we'd be pleased that our children love each other. 

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Kallie said...

Tearful... We had such a lovely afternoon, thank you so much. I have never seen Hope take to another little girl so fast and play so well. Berit is truly a little treasure, Hope loves her too and talked about Berit and Marta throughout all of dinner. I do recall having Mike call you in California (?) when Hope was born, I remember laying in bed with Mike and Hope when he called you that night. It's so my fault for being a lost friend, I need to cut out more time for ME and the girls. Time just needs to slow down. Let's not let the next visit be so long from now, please!