Saturday, November 1, 2008

Quiet, In A Noisy Way

Once again, we are two. Three if you count the dog.

Trevor left early this morning for his annual trip to Chicago to see a Bears game. Somehow this became annual last year -- and even then he called it annual. Can something technically be called annual if it's never been done? I suppose it can, if you're really, really sure you're going to do it each year thereafter. And why shouldn't he decide on an annual trip to Chicago? How about instead of having an annual trip to the hospital to have a baby, I'll take an annual trip to Chicago, too. (Note: No babies scheduled for this year. I'm breaking tradition.)

And Berit left with my mom and sister last night after our super-fun halloween party (dressing up, yummy food, kids' parade, hayride, trick-or-treating -- pics later) to spend the weekend at my parents' house. Sigh. That really made me sad, seeing her go last night. I made my mom call me every hour until she was in bed, asleep. I just crave time with her these days, but she'll have more fun there and I'll get some work done here. And the saddest part? She left her Very Important Doll, Saw-Saw, who even went on the hayride last night with her and has her own potty in the bathroom and her own chair at the dinner table. My mom says she's fine but it makes me want to pack up and take it to her.

I love having the house quiet (besides the baby babbling, dog whining and floors crying out to be washed and vacuumed), but has anyone ever noticed that life with just one little baby is pretty boring? It's pretty much sitting on the floor all day. Yet whenever B's here, I think, "If I could go back to when I had just one, I'd get so much done!" Oh, I'll never be fully satisfied until the children are in that magical phase of lending a hand around the house but not yet filled with teenage angst. 

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