Sunday, November 2, 2008

BOO! Oh, That's Just My Mom

We were so happy to have my mom and sister here at our house for Halloween! They were invaluable during our Halloween party, but most of all we reveled in their company. My girls are over-the-moon for their Aunt Andrea, and Grandma is an absolute favorite. Now that they're gone, Marta has actually torn out the pictures of Grandma in our photo album and is playing with them constantly, saying "Pam-ma!"

Berit isn't saying anything to me, because she hit the road with my mom and sister when they left Friday night. She's been staying with my parents and brother since, and she's in heaven. She even left her favorite baby doll at home and hasn't noticed. At their house, she has an amazing room of her own and always asks to stay once it's time to go home. Plus, she's got Pop, who she hasn't seen in a long time, so bonus, bonus, bonus.

My brother, David, Berit and our good friend and David's girlfriend, Katie.

Hm, wonder what they're up to in Grand Rapids?

I wonder if she'll be coming home with all of these treasures?

Hanging out with Pop at the mall.

The Hayes girls, minus a sleeping baby.

Out for a walk with Grandma in the beautiful fall weather on Halloween day.

Our little dragon, a visiting cat, and a little piggy who never wore her piggy costume!

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