Friday, September 10, 2010


After three months of first walking, then bouncy-walking, then jogging, I'm about to run my first race. I did do a 5K last year, which was admittedly really hard for me to do. But I'm talking about something bigger - something I've been working on constantly. Tomorrow is only 8 miles (and really, I'm still just jogging). But in a few weeks I'll be doing 13.1, which is something I never thought I'd be able to do.

It's a strange place for me to be. I've never, ever done anything non-kid-related since the girls came along. Maybe a shopping trip or a quick night away with Trevor or my freelance writing... but I've never set out on a goal and accomplished it because I truly wanted to. Kind of pathetic, really.

So I'm excited about this. I know I can run 8 miles. I've done it a few times now, and even though I haven't had a good run in two weeks (weather + garage sale + busy husband), I feel like I can make it work. My sister, on the other hand, is running a whopping EIGHTEEN MILES tomorrow, as she prepares for her first marathon. I can't even imagine what it takes to run 18 miles, but she's got it, and she always has. She's such an inspiration, and I feel so happy to know that someday, her children will know that their mom is not just their cook, their cuddler, their go-to gal. She has a life, and it's a healthy one. It's a concept I'm trying to emulate, and I think it's working. Berit has recently come down with a case of High Energy In The Middle Of The Day and has started asking to run with me. Well, sure. Why not?

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Liza said...

Way to go! I wish you the best. It is a truly awesome feeling finishing a race! Take pics, you will want them for later to look back on. The big kids and I are running the GR Kids marathon (2 mile)in October. You and B want to join us??? Way to go!