Friday, November 13, 2009


"LOOK! A garbage truck! It's soooooo beautiful!" - Marta

"Oh, sure." - Marta, any time you ask her to do something or if she wants something.

Overheard from the back seat:
Berit: "Marta, have you ever been to Africa?"
Marta: "Ummmm, no."
B: "Well, let me tell you about Africa. When I was in Africa, I found a great treasure."
M: "Treasure!"
B: "I was looking and looking around Africa, and I SAW something. Do you know what it was?"
M: "No."
B: "This!" holds up one plastic Cinderella's glass slipper
M: "Huh."
B: "Yes. They have glass slippers in Africa."

In the middle of the night:
B: In fits of terror "MOMMMMMMMMMY! MommyMommyMommy!"
I run in. "It's OK, Mommy's right here. What's the matter, sweetheart?"
"MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY" (thrash, thrash) "MOMMY MOMMY -- throws open eyes and is immediately calm but doesn't miss a beat -- Jasmine wore a purple dress and Cinderella has a blue dress and Jasmine told Cinderella that she liked her dress and Cinderella liked Jasmine's flower. Goodnight."

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